Friday, April 10, 2009

Indians Opening Day 2009

Today I met my sister up in Cleveland for the Indians Opening Day. Brian and Tami got us tickets for Christmas, but unfortunately he couldn't go since they were in California. The festivities before the game were fun. STO's Bruce Drennan aired his show "All Bets Are Off" live in front of the Jake. He interviewed Indians GM Mark Shapiro, so I told Mark "GO TRIBE!" after the interview :) Also, WTAM 1100 was there and they also interviewed Shapiro as well as long-time Indians drummer John Adams. Ohio State's marching band played before and during the game which was cool.

The first pitch was thrown by Herb Score's wife in memory of Herb. It's always nice to see the Jake (or Prog) for Opening Day with a sellout crowd after a long Ohio winter. It started raining in the 4th and they delayed the game with the Tribe down 5-4.

Jamie and I took a walk over to the bleachers and talked to John Adams for a bit. We then waited out the rain delay as many others left. They finally started back up after 4 hours!! The good thing about everyone leaving is we got to sit in the 1st row of the first base line.

The Indians came back and tied it 7-7 in the 7th inning but then gave up 6 runs in the 8th and lost it. It was a fun time even though we lost. I later read that we were one of the 500 fans that waited out the rain delay! We ended up being at the stadium for over 7 hours and left Cleveland at 1 AM!

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