Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cavs-Pistons Playoff Game 2

Tonight I drove up to Cleveland with my friend Brian to go to the first round Cavaliers-Pistons playoff game 2. My brother also got a ticket and was going to meet up with us. I ended up running into him at Tower City so it worked out good.

Our actual seats were in the upper deck and we sat there during half of the first period. Then my brother spotted 3 seats on the main level behind the hoop. We moved down there and stayed there the rest of the game. Excellent value for our tickets!! :)

The Cavs had a pretty easy time staying ahead of the Pistons. They even stretched the lead to near 30 points, but that lead dwindled in the late 4th to just 8 points. Lebron and the rest of the starters came in to settle this and the Cavs went on to win 94-82. Below is a video of the awesome intro the Cavs have before the game.

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