Saturday, April 04, 2009

16 Mile Tempo Run

I drove over to the Boston Store parking lot today at 1:00 to do a long run on the Towpath. I headed South and turned around at mile marker 29 and then ran to mile marker 21 and back to the parking lot. Yesterday was pretty rainy and dreary, but today was opposite. Blue skies and sunshine with a few strong gusts of wind especially towards the end. It was nice to see alot of bikers, walkers, and runners on the Towpath today. I finished the run with 16 miles in 1:51:18 (6:58/mile).

I would like to maintain 7 minute pace at Cleveland for as long as possible. Does anyone have any advice as to the better method: even pace OR start out faster and bank time for later on? I've heard an even pace is the better method, but I always feel like I'm tired at the end no matter what.

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