Sunday, March 22, 2009

20 Mile Run

This morning at 9:30, I went for a long run around Warren. I ran from my parent's house to 422 (10 miles), repeated the section from City Hall to the upper set of railroad tracks (that have been removed - 2 miles), one Riverwalk loop (2 miles), some in my parents' neighborhood (2 miles), and finally to City Hall and back (4 miles). Phew!! I was happy to be done. I felt strong for most of the run, but started feeling pretty tired the last 4 miles. This gave me 50 for the week!


Clara said...

That's a lot of mileage! Great job!

Jeff said...

Glad to be done with it. Thanks!

Clara said...

I have a question about Boston. As you see from my previous post, I'm getting nervous about being able to run it fast. I looked at the elevation chart and it doesn't appear too bad- but could you describe the hills for me? Did you come across a lot of hills so you were always out of breath, did the "heartbreak hill" realllly suck or do people just talk it up? What was your time? Any help/advice on pacing? THanks! :)