Saturday, January 03, 2009

West Branch Run

I drove over to the West Branch boat dock parking lot and ran on the trails today for the first run of the new year. There was a sign that said the trails were closed because of deer hunting, but the dates had already passed. I did however see a bow hunter as I was running down Snowmobile Rd, but didn't see any others the rest of the run.

I ran on the Kitchen Sink trail, the Yellow Loop, and the Single Track MTB that weaves in and out along the lake. The single track trail is probably my favorite at West Branch. The trail conditions were pretty good. I had to be careful with the roots and frozen ruts because of my tender foot arch. I got back to the car and did a little extra around the parking lot to get in 56 minutes which I figure is somewhere around 7 miles.

My Route (along the bright red line)

The lake looked nice and blue!

Everything AND the kitchen sink


R2K said...

Hmm nice : )

Brian said...

Nice photos.. It was definitely a great day to run!