Thursday, January 22, 2009

West Branch Off-Piste Night Run

My friend Marc and I drove over to the West Branch boat docks to meet Brian, Jim and Bob. I told Marc that we might just run on trails, but to be prepared to run off-piste since you never know what to expect with Bob and Jim.

Well it turns out that I got surprised too. We started on the road towards the lake, then Bob veered off into the woods. Soon we were running on the frozen lake. I thought this was funny because when were driving there, we saw an ice fisherman on the lake and Marc said you could never get him to do that. Running on the lake was actually pretty peaceful, but a little weird knowing you were running on a lake.

After 10 or 15 minutes, we darted back into the woods and ran a mixture of off-piste and on trail up and down hills. We finished with an hour. My brother thought of doing a run around the entire perimeter of the lake while it was still frozen. Now that sounds like an adventure! He measured it online and it actually came close to a 50K. Stay tuned for a blog post soon or comment here or on the forum if you would like to come!

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