Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

Classes were cancelled today at Kent due to all the snow. I only had one 3-hour class later tonight, but I'll definitely take it. I decided to go to the rec and run on the treadmill. My car had a layer of snow on it then a thick layer of ice and then snow under that. After finally clearing it off, I headed out. The roads were pretty terrible, but luckily the rec isn't too far away. The parking lot was pretty empty as expected.

On the treadmill I did 5 miles in 37:52 (7:35/mile). I wanted to do more, but just couldn't stand it any longer!! They say you have to run faster on a treadmill to do the same workout as on solid ground. I always feel pretty tired even doing an 8-minute pace though when I usually run around 7-minute pace outside. Must be mental!

After I got done with that, I was pretty soaked. I got my swim suit on then did half a mile (32 laps) in the pool, nonstop this time. I have swam the past 3 days half a mile each. Monday I did sets of 10 and Tuesday I did 20 then 12. I concentrated more today on relaxing my stroke and making sure I got a good breath of air each time. Afterwards, I hopped in the hot tub. Nothing better than sitting in there looking at the blizzard outside!


Clara said...

I know what you mean- It seems soo much easier to run outside than on the treamill. When I run outside, I always doubt myself that I'm not running as far as it says because I'm going so much faster.

That pool looks awesome! Where is that? I've been wanting to swim. It always makes you feel like you had a really hard workout afterwards.

Jeff said...

The rec center at Kent State. It's so nice, they have a lap pool, then a regular pool with a hot tub. It's like a resort. I'm going to hate to graduate!!

Clara said...

haha...yes you are