Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mill Creek Park Group Run

Me, Bruce, Jim & Brian

Tonight I met Jim Harris, Brian and Bruce McIntosh at the Lily Pond for a group night run. With all the snow we've gotten, I knew it wouldn't be any easy run. We decided to do a URINEO loop clockwise for 8 miles. My left foot arch seems to be getting gradually better. I've been limiting my recent runs to 5 miles because any more has aggravated it too much. I was a little worried with tonight's run being 8 miles up and down the snow covered hills at MCP, but I have trouble not running for 2 or 3 days straight so I had to run tonight!!

During the run, Bruce told me he was also running the Cleveland Marathon in May. Today he only wanted to get in an hour or about 4 or 5 miles, so he split off from us a little after the Stone Bridge trail. The trails were in pretty good condition considering. The main trails had a single-track trail worn in by other people, but we had to trudge through 8 or 9 inches of snow on the Monkey Hills. It was fun running through the snow and not having to worry much about where you landed since the snow covered most of the rocks and uneven parts.

Our pace picked up alot throughout the run. I'm glad Jim pushed it because I probably would've just dogged it otherwise. We got back to our cars in 1:57. I was happy running a URINEO loop in that time with all the snow on the ground and even HAPPIER my foot didn't hurt!

Afterwards, Brian and I drove over to the Boxcar Lounge right next to the B&O Station where Rust Belt Brewing Company brews their beer. However, their tap wasn't working for the Rust Belt beer so we drove over to University Pizzeria. We both got pizza and tried Rust Belt's blonde ale. This had a nice refreshing taste. Ken Blair, a Youngstown officer and the owner of Rust Belt Brewing Company, was in the building so we talked with him for awhile about his plans with the company.

Next we went to Inner Circle Pizza to try the Rusted River Irish Red. This beer had a very dark color, but we were both surprised that it wasn't as heavy or hoppy as we expected. I enjoyed both beers and look forward to supporting this local brewery after MCP trail runs :)

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Kim said...

Wow that looks like a great workout in all that snow. At least with the snow cushion, face plants wouldn't have hurt so much!