Sunday, December 28, 2008

Carlos Jones at the HOB

Tonight my brother and I went over to the House of Blues in Cleveland to see Carlos Jones and the Plus Band play. We both couldn't wait for this concert since we had a good time listening to him at the Cuyahoga Valley in the summer. Plus, the HOB is a great venue to see concerts because you can get really close to the stage.

Before the concert, we ate at The Corner Alley on the corner of East 4th and Euclid Ave. I got 4 cheese macaroni and Brian got 4 cheese pizza. Guess we were both in the mood for alot of cheese :) Their food is really good and the atmoshpere is great! They even have a bowling alley inside with big screen TVs at the end of the lanes.

The doors at the HOB opened at 7 and we got in around 7:15. Greg Murray showed up not too long after and we talked with him. Before we knew it, Mifune, the opening band, started playing around 8:00. They were pretty good and had a different sound.


Mifune played for about an hour or so then Carlos came on at 9:30. Some other runners showed up while Mifune was playing including Steve Hawthorne, Kellie Truesdell and Jim Christ. I never met Jim or Kellie but have seen Steve at VR before as well as the other Carlos Jones concert we saw.

Brian, Kellie, Greg, Jim, Steve and Me (left to right)

As always, Carlos' music was awesome! I love reggae has a nice relaxing flow and is fun to dance to. Carlos played for close to 2 hours!!

After the concert, Brian and I went back to The Corner Alley and bowled a game before leaving.

Below are some videos of Carlos and the Plus Band playing. Enjoy!

Leave A Trail

Catch A Falling Star

Barack Obama, Barack Obama

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