Tuesday, October 28, 2008

West Branch BT Night Run

I met Brian, Bob and Slim Jim tonight at West Branch to go on a night run. We headed out on the Buckeye Trail which I've never run on at West Branch. The trail was interesting and a nice change of scenery. Everytime there is a night run and it involves Gombobu, something crazy will happen and you better not expect to stay on the trail. Tonight was no exception! We got to a point where there was a decent-size stream and the trail on the otherside. So what do we do in 35 degree weather and snow flurries? We cross the stream of course! And then we slosh around in it for a bit, then head upstream towards the lake. The mud got pretty bad, almost like quicksand by the lake. A few times I sunk down to my knees in it! After we got back, Bill Losey was in the parking lot waiting for us and we hung out for awhile.

Jim Harris


Stream & Tunnel

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