Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Eve Night Run

Brian and I met at the Pine Lane parking lot at 6:30 tonight to go for a run. The plan was to run towards Boston Store until we met Trevor, someone Brian ran with before, and Jamie. We got half a mile out until we saw them, so we turned around with them to run back to Pine Lane. From there we ran to Boston Store and Brian and I turned around as Jamie and Trevor were done with their run. We decided to run on the Towpath back since it was dark, cold, and we wanted to drink beer & eat at the Winking Lizard! We ended up with 8 miles exactly on Brian's Garmin when we got back to our cars. I didn't have a light tonight, so I just used everyone else's light to watch out for roots. Luckily I didn't fall once. I'm going to have to buy either a headlamp or hand light soon before I have a serious fall though.

Deer by Pine Lane

Jamie & Trevor

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