Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oak Hill Trails

I was planning on taking a day off after my run yesterday, but I couldn't resist the nice weather. Brian and I decided to try a new area of the Cuyahoga Valley that we haven't run on before. We met at the Valley Picnic Area off of Riverview Rd. and ran on the Oak Hill trails.

We started out on the Plateau Trail and took that to Chestnut Pond. We then took the Oak Hill Trail. It was pretty dark at this point, so my brother had his flashlight out. We were a bit confused by all the loops being our first time here. We came across a guy walking his dog, so we asked him for directions.

After talkng to him, we did an out and back to Hemlock Point. We then followed Oak Hill and Plateau back to where we parked to finish with 4.5 miles. It's always cool running at a new location with different scenery. We usually always run at either Pine Lane or Happy Days, so this was a nice change. For a map of these trails, click here.


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