Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taste of Cleveland

I went up to Buckeye Brewing Beer Engine in Lakewood, OH this afternoon with Brian and met Bob up there. Brian and I both got the breakfast burrito which came with potatoes and 4 pieces of toast for $6. It was delicious! I also got the Buckeye Yuppie, a blueberry beer and the Buckeye 76 IPA. Bob called and said he would be a bit late since he got a flat tire and had to change it on I-77. Soon enough though, Bob and his son Shamus showed up.

When we left Buckeye Brewing, Bob said he would follow us to downtown Cleveland. We got on the street and he floored his rental car, went speeding past us, then made a sharp 90-degree turn. It was definitely the highlight of the day. Brian and I couldn't stop laughing because it looked so funny with the donut tire in front.

Anyways, the main purpose of the day was going to Taste of Cleveland and seeing Big Head Todd play at the Tower City Amphitheater. Something pretty weird that happened as we walked in was the music that was playing. It was the same Hawaiian version of the song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" that we played at my Grandfather's funeral. Brian and I were talking on the way to Cleveland how we wished he would give us a sign.

They had a bunch of tents set up with all different types of food. We walked around for a bit then went to listen to BHTM. We had standing room tickets, but some guy came up to us and gave us seating tickets up closer. Awesome! Big Head Todd put on a good show as always.

We stayed till about 8:30. Some of the food I tried was Bubba's Q World Famous BBQ pulled pork sandwich, a quesadilla, an Irish egg roll from Claddagh Irish Pubs and an apple strudel from Evelyn's Hungarian Café. It was pretty cool during the day because the Blue Angel's Air Show was going on. Every once in awhile you would see a fighter jet roar by. Here's some pics and a video of some of the planes.

Here's a few pictures of Cleveland that I took throughout the day:

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