Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Today I went fishing with my sister Jamie at Mosquito Lake. My grandfather passed away last Thursday and we used to go fishing here, so I thought it would be good to go.

We rented a boat with a motor from Causeway Sporting Goods. I made the mistake before of getting one with just paddles and got a workout paddling back against the wind. The lake was pretty rough on the south side of the causeway, but pretty calm on the north side (which it usually is). So we went under the causeway and fished on the north side.

We fished for a little over an hour and didn't catch anything. It was still relaxing, but it's always nice when you catch something. As we were just about to leave to ride around the lake for a bit, I felt a tug on the pole. It starting tugging harder and harder. I thought it might just be caught on seaweed or something, but knew it was a fish as I reeled it in. I was really excited because it felt big! As I was reeling it in, my reel fell off the pole, so I quickly put it back on, grabbed the line and pulled it in the boat. It was a catfish! This was definitely the biggest fish we'd ever caught since we usually just catch bluegill.

I had a great time today. This was the first time I had operated a small boat like this, but I got used to it. I can't help but think that my granddad helped us catch that fish. Afterwards, Jamie and I got ice cream in Mecca.

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