Monday, August 25, 2008

Can't wait to run!

I've been off running for quite awhile now and haven't posted in a very long time. Tonight I decided to go to the rec center and start strengthening my quads. I went to my dad's physical therapist for his hip and he told me my problem was because of weak quads and bad flexibility.

I did some various exercises on the machines at the rec. I did 4x10 sets of leg extensions using one leg and then two. I also used a machine with a platform that simulates doing squats. The therapist also strongly recommended using Flex Bands for strengthening.

Something like this has happened to me before in my right quad when I was running at Clarion. I did some lifting and stretching and it got better. So hopefully I'll be back on the roads (or trails!) soon and I'll keep up the lifting to prevent this injury again in the future.

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