Saturday, June 28, 2008

Running Limerick

I was up late tonight and decided to make this running limerick. Enjoy!

Running through the wind, breaking through the walls
Sprinting up the hills, busting your balls
Running to escape to another place
Keeping up an ungodly pace
Breaking a record by a margin so small

We run and we run
We run in the sun
Through the rain and the shine
Through the forests of pine
The goal to have fun

Training through hell
On Nikes with gel
Digging in deep
Up mountains so steep
Boy I am sorry for how nasty I smell

The training complete
It feels so sweet
To feel like a cheetah
There's nothin' bettah
Ready to do an awesome feat

Race day is here
So never fear
All the miles will show
Everyone will know
That you're ready this year

The anthem is sang
The gun goes bang
You're off in a hurry
No need to worry
Because you hydrated with Tang

Halfway through you hurt in your side
You slow down a bit and shorten your stride
Then you begin to wonder
Was the gallon of Tang a real blunder
But you push through the pain, you will not be denied

You reach the conclusion
And think it's an illusion
You've gone so far
But got a PR
Now you're ready for a blood transfusion!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

This is hilarious. Actually it's pretty good though. You should submit it to Runner's Gazette. No, but seriously...