Sunday, June 01, 2008

No Frills, Just Hills FA

Today, my sister Jamie and I headed over to Kendall Lake for the first No Frills, Just Hills FA. The event started at 8:30, but a few people started early. When we pulled into the parking lot, I was surprised to see a whole group of runners there since I was only expecting 4 or 5 people.

Everyone started and ran the first couple loops together. Each loop was 2 miles and the idea was to run as many as you could. The course went over many of the gigantic hills by Kendall Lake.

It was good to have other people to run with not just for conversation, but also to pace me with the hills. Usually I don't realize what the hills do to your legs until it's too late to slow down.

Towards the end, I ran mostly with Brian and Jamie and had a fun time goofing off with them. Brian and I contemplated stopping early at 8 loops, but Jamie was set on running 10 and convinced us to continue on (glad we did!).

On the last loop, I wanted to bust my butt and see how fast I could run it in. I had been averaging anywhere from 22-30 minutes for the previous loops. For this loop, I ran the downhills fast and ran a few of the uphills. I saw Slim sitting in a chair by the cars and sprinted in to the finish. I looked at my watch and saw I ran a 15:28 loop!

Afterwards, Brian, Jamie, Jim, Lloyd and I relaxed and rehydrated. I had a great time today and met some new runners. I'm already looking forward to doing this event again! Click here for pics and results of the run.

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