Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hinckley Reservation

Well, yesterday I found this reservation close by me on a map and decided to go find it and run. I couldn't find it, so headed back without a run since it was starting to get late. Tonight, I studied the map again and found the reservation this time.

I parked at Judge's Lake and didn't really see any trails. I ran on this dirt path made from car tracks that was covered in weeds. I was surprised when it turned into a gravel trail and I saw blazes on the trees. I turned right and took the Bridle trail to the Buckeye Trail. I then turned left and ran until I got to Whipp's Ledges Picnic Area (I think??). The trails were very scenic with some rolling hills. I even saw some buzzards since Hinckley is home of the Buzzard's Roost and the famous "Buzzard Sunday" when the birds return from their winter vacation down South. I didn't get to see the roost, but will have to check that out another time. You can read more about the buzzards here.

I was impressed with all the places to run in the reservation. There are a total of 8 different trails that cover 26 miles. Maybe we could make a Buzzard Trail Marathon?

I ended up running 53 minutes for about 7 miles. To view a map of the reservation and the trails, click here.

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Jim said...

I run with the Copley XC team each Wednesday morning at 7am at Mingo. We start in the second parking lot and go between 4 and 5 miles. You are welcome to join the fun. Just check www.copleycc.com for week to week info.