Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Retiring from Running

Well after running in high school and college and completing a few marathons and ultras, I have decided that I will retire from running after Boston. I am satisfied with what I have done and will maybe take up cycling or some other sport. I've had a great time running with everyone on the trails and roads, but it's time for something new!


Mike said...

didn't fool me for a second Jeff. nice effort though.

Jeff said...

darn you're good...i thought it might be too unbelieveable :)

Mike said...

so - are you going to run mohican this summer? Our training weekend is May 9-11. I think you should do it man...you can.

I am going out to McNaughton next weekend to pace and film...hoping to get in about 50-80 miles in training over the weekend.

Jeff said...

No I don't think I'm ready mentally for a 100 miler nor do I have the desire to do it at this point. I'll probably just stick to 50ks and shorter for now.

Good luck at McNaughton!