Saturday, April 05, 2008

Hills, hills, and more hills

My brother Brian and I went out to Kendall Hills today to go for a run. This has become one of my favorite spots to run at in the Cuyahoga Valley. The hills make for an intense workout and the view from the top of them is pretty cool.

We decided to measure a two mile loop that goes up and down the many hills. During the run we talked about a potential FA run that would be run on this two mile loop. You would get 6 hours to complete as many loops as you could. We spent alot of the run thinking of a name for the FA. My brother thought of "No Frills, Just Hills." Stay tuned to TeamPR for more info on this.

Anyways, we ended up doing 3 loops of the 2 mile loop for 6 miles. I tried to make it a point to run all the uphills. By the 2nd loop my legs were already feeling a bit weak and the 3rd loop was pretty tough climbing the hills.

Going downhill

Ugh! Going uphill.

The weather was great. Clear, warm and sunny! There were alot of people hiking and fishing today, trying to take advantage of the warm weather. It seems as though winter is finally over with high's in the 60s and upper 50s next week, but I still won't be convinced until late April rolls around.

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