Friday, April 11, 2008

Boston Tune-Up Run

I went running today with my friend Marc after class. This week has been insanely busy with school and work so I only got to run 8 miles on Monday.

We ran around campus and through some neighborhoods. After that we ran over to the bike trail over by the stadium. Marc wasn't feeling too good at mile 6, so he told me to go ahead. I picked up the pace a bit and headed over to the track. I did a mile on it in 6:42 and was pretty pumped with that considering the strong winds today.

After running on the track, I did the bike trail in reverse and back to my dorm. I was feeling pretty tired and was happy to finish. I figured I did about 9 miles in 7:20 pace. This made me feel good that I still had some training, endurance and speed in me even though my past few weeks of training haven't been very high mileage. I'm starting to get pretty excited for Boston and can't believe it's only a little more than a week away.


Bill said...

Jeff and Jamie:

Best of luck in Boston. Enjoy the run.


Gary & Kathi said...

We're rooting for you and Jamie in Denver! We know both of you will do just great.

Gary & Kathi

Anonymous said...

You did it! Congrats to you and Jamie on a job well done. We're really proud of both of you.


Jeff said...

Thanks everyone! It was really fun!!

Nice to hear from you Kathi & Gary. Glad to see you read my blog :) I'll post a longer report of the race soon!