Sunday, March 09, 2008

Rec Center & Kendall Lake

I went over to the rec center today with a friend I met through the running club I'm trying to start here at Kent. Turns out he ran the Detroit Marathon last October and is a pretty good runner. We decided to run around the track upstairs until we were sick of it or got dizzy from going in circles. We ended up doing about 3 miles up there then went in the hot tub/pool and sauna afterwards.

I got back to my dorm and then my brother called me about going on an intense snow run at the Cuyahoga Valley. Since I didn't do too much at the rec I decided to run again. So, we got out to Kendall Lake around 6:45 and headed out. It's nice that we finally have more sunlight at night because of daylight savings time. The sun was still a little ways above the horizon. Here's some pictures of the sunset. It looked pretty cool with the hills.

We started out running around the lake and veered off to run some of the Kendall Hills. There were a lot of people sledding down these huge hills. We were running up them. The trails actually weren't too bad since the snow was smashed down by walkers and cross country skiers. The parts that weren't smashed down were useful to get traction or slow down going up and down the hills.

We went around for another loop to get a total of 4 hills. We decided to run all the hills to get a good workout AND to look good in front of all the sledders! It was getting pretty dark now so we headed back to the car to make sure they didn't lock the gate. It wasn't locked, but we figured we better run around the parking lot a little more in case someone came. After about two laps, a park ranger came to lock the gate so that ended the run right there.

We ended up running only 3 miles, but it was a tough one with all the hills and snow. Got 6 miles in for the day. The only good about all this snow is that it's building a lot of strength so when it finally gets warm out, I'll feel really fast.

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