Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Can Dooo It!

I woke up this morning and didn't really feel like running. I was trying to think of every excuse and then I thought "Hey! All my running clothes are in the wash" (which they were since I came home for the weekend). So I thought maybe I'll run tomorrow.

My parents and I went out to eat around 12:30 at Blazin' Bills which is located on 422 about 30 minutes from Warren. Their sauce is amazing! My dad and I both got full slabs and my mom got a half slab. It was funny because their sauce didn't taste good alone, but once it was on the ribs it tasted delicious. The atmosphere is also really nice inside with wood beams and a sunlight window towards the ceiling.

When we got back home, I finally was in the mood to run and had some clothes to run in. I ran to downtown Warren to a sign on East Market St. that says "David's". This is a usual route we run known as "David's Sign" and is 7 miles on the dot. The sidewalks got pretty bad with snow plowed up on the paths. My legs got pretty tired scampering through the half-melted half-ice snow that was built up. I began the run feeling really fast on the cleared roads by my house. I was actually wearing shorts since it was near 40 degrees and sunny out. The sky was a beautiful clear blue.

I thought for sure the snow would really slow me down, but when I got back home and looked at my watch it said 47 minutes which equals a 6:43 pace. I was thrilled considering the conditions.

After the run, I went to Jillian's in Boardman at the Southern Park Mall with some friends to watch the Kelly Pavlik/Jermain Taylor fight on HBO. I've never been to Jillian's before and, I must say, it was pretty cool. They had three bars, probably 30-35 TVs, 10 billiard tables, 8 bowling alley lanes, and a huge arcade room inside. As for the didn't disappoint. The match went to the full 12 rounds. Pavlik had never gone past 9 rounds in any of the fights he fought during his career. He ended up beating Taylor on a unanimous decision by the judges which really capped off a great day!


Jamie said...

Ah the classic David's. Bet that was fun after eating full slabs :) Good job. We'll have to get together for a run sometime soon!

Jeff said...

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that on my post haha...I had to stop at the YMCA on the way back. I figured I couldn't make it the whole run!