Friday, February 22, 2008


One of my favorite bands is U2 and I would love to see them in concert sometime. But since that is highly unlikely considering prices and availability of tickets, my brother Brian, his wife Tami and I went to see the movie U23D at the Cinemark theater in Valley View. This movie uses the new technology created by 3ality Digital to make viewers think they are actually in the show. This new 3D technology uses cameras with high-resolution and an artificial technology to align the "eye position" of the camera.

I thought this show was amazing! You really felt like you were at the concert. It was almost better than being there just because of all the cool camera angles they showed. At one point, a lady at the concert stood up in front of the camera. Brian and I both thought it was someone in the theater standing up in front the screen! It really felt like the images were jumping out of the screen, especially when
Bono reached his hand out towards the audience. The glasses were also alot bigger and better made than the old 3D glasses. I wouldn't mind seeing this again and can't wait until they start making more movies with this technology.

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