Friday, February 08, 2008

Getting Some Miles In

Well, yesterday Brian came up here late around 8:30 and we went over to the rec center to run (mostly go in the hot tub & sauna though!). Students get one free guest per semester, so Brian got in free. We decided to run around the track on the top floor. We didn't go very fast or very far -- 3 miles -- but it was good to get in an easy slower day.

Then today after class, I decided I better go on a run. So, I did the big loop around campus that I usually do. But near the rec, I veered off and did a little extra around Allerton Apartments to give me 5 miles. I ended up figuring I ran 7 minute pace or slightly under.

It would've been easy not to run yesterday and today, but I knew I needed to get the miles up for Boston. And you don't get miles in by sitting around watching TV unfortunately! I've been steadily doing more and more miles each week and plan on continuing to out-do myself each week:

2 weeks ago: 23 miles
Last week: 25 miles
This week: Aiming for 35 miles

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