Monday, February 18, 2008

Presidents' Day

My brother Brian didn't have work today because of Presidents' Day and I had a big break between class and work (2:00-6:00). So we decided to go over to Happy Days Visitor Center for a run. Before we hopped on the trail, we goofed around by the steel worker statue in front of the visitor's center. I couldn't think of a funny caption for the photo above, so just enjoy!

After too much time of messing around, we headed out towards the cliffs. We took the trail on the left side of the cliffs on the way out. The weather was pretty cool! One moment it was clear and sunny, the next it was a blizzard.

The Overlook

Here's a video that shows how hard it was snowing at some points:

Brian and I decided to do the largest of the Kendall Hills and then turn around and head back to the parking lot. I guess Akron's Cross Country team trains here sometimes because I found this online. Anyways when we turned off the trail to Kendall Hills, we saw one hill to our right and wondered if that was the one. I didn't think so since it was so small, but hoping that was it. We ran a little farther, looked to the left, and knew right away that that was the hill! It can't be mistaken...Looking up at it feels like looking up at a monster or a tidal wave about to swallow you whole.

We ran on the other side of the cliffs on the way back, which is a little shorter. When we got back to the parking lot, Brian's Garmin said 6.68 miles. So of course we couldn't stop there! We ran around the parking lot until it said 7 miles. That's one good thing I like about the Garmin is that if you're close to another mile, it pushes you to run that little bit more.

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