Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunshine in Ohio?!

Going past the stadium

Today I went for a 6 mile run starting from the rec. It was nice to actually see a clear sky and the sun as well as a high in the 40s. The temp. actually felt warm since we've been in the teens and 20s lately. I decided to wear shorts since you don't get too many opportunities to in the winter in Ohio. I did, however, wear a hat and gloves and was glad I did. The air still had a little bite to it and felt a little cooler the longer you were in it. Also, my mitts that I have make for a nice storage spot for my camera while I run.

The rec center is on Summit Rd., so I just took that east towards Ravenna. I've done this route before when I ran 12 miles to Rootstown, so I was already familiar with it. The road is moderately busy and the speed limit must be around 45 mph, so it isn't the safest route but it does offer a change of scenery since there are only so many runs you can do around Kent. One good thing is that the berm on the side of the road is pretty big so I just run against traffic and stay far to the left. You really gotta keep your eyes open though for road kill! I almost stepped on a raccoon or possum during the run. YIKES!

This run has some nice rolling hills, not too big, but challenging enough. I went out 21 minutes since I figured I was doing 7 min. pace. It just so happened that this was right at the sign of Lake Hodgson (which I believe is Ravenna's water supply), so that made it convenient. When I turned around, I felt a slight wind blowing against me. I always try to run faster on the way back of an out-and-back run, but today I was sure I would go slower.

When I got back to the rec, I noticed my time was 41 minutes, a minute faster than 7 minute pace. I didn't get too excited because I figured it might not be exactly 6 miles. But when I got back to my dorm, I measured it online and it came up 6 miles. I was pretty happy since that meant I must have averaged 6:40 pace on the way back. Lately I've only been getting about 20 miles/week in, so hopefully this week I can push it up near 35. Boston is still a ways away in April but I'm sure it'll be here before I know it!


Mike said...

I can't wait to see how you do at Boston! One day I hope to get there. Do you have any time goals you will share with us for Boston?

BTW - Be careful on that road bro. There are a lot of slower roads around Kent if you want to be safer.

Also, if you go down loop road past the condos, and then through the little neighborhood to the very back, there are some short single track trails in those woods. They could be looped and run for a while if you want some safe trail time in the woods.

Brian said...

Jeff, nice run..

Check out this link and look at the map on the bottom:

Looks like there will be a nice bike/hike system in the Ravenna/Kent area soon and it will even extend over to Warren. Not sure when all of this will be complete though.

Jeff said...

Mike - I don't really have any time goals for Boston b/c I'm probably just going to take it easy and enjoy it with my sister. I'd like to get around 3:30-3:40 though.

I think I've been on that trail that you're talking about. I usually try to run on slower roads most the time to be safe.

Brian - That'd be cool if they completed the whole thing soon...I could do a loooong run to Warren then! haha

Kim said...

Good job Jeff, keep training through these nasty winter months.