Friday, January 04, 2008

Mill Creek Rose Garden Run

Today my sister Jamie and I decided to go for a run at Mill Creek Park. We started at the Rose Garden and headed towards the Stone Bridge side first. The air felt especially cold due to a slight breeze during the run. Both of us were a little sick and didn't really feel all the great so we decided to cut it short and go have lunch at the Rose Garden. We probably ended up with around 4 miles, but I didn't want to do too much anyways since I'm running Art Moore's Cleveland FA 50k on the Buckeye Trail tomorrow. I don't know how my brother convinced me to join him (I think it was the food and party afterwards that conviced me) but anways, I will be attempting my second Ultra. Last year I ran part of the 50k with Brian and Bob and then went to the party afterwards. The food and company was great and I look forward to it again this year!

Below is a slideshow of our run, the Rose Garden and some pictures in the art gallery inside.


Mike said...

Hey - just a small point, but it may help your planning...the Art Moore FA is NOT on the Buckeye Trail. It is run in a metropark and should be mostly on multipurpose trail (ie, asphalt)

That is not to say that Bob and Brian won't find a way to take you off-piste...but this FA generally has no defined "course" and it is on you to keep your time and distance for the day.

I like the slideshow thing on there, I am going to have to try that out.

Jeff said...

Brian and I decided to run on a tougher course and challenge ourselves :)

I think Bob was in Pittsburgh running with Jim and some other people.

I'll be writing a report on the run pretty soon. It sure was a tough one!

Kim said...

You can run the FA kind of wherever you want.

Mill Creek Park can be very cool when you hit the water sections. I wish I didn't know the Rose Garden had a resturant, I don't need reasons to stop running!