Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kent Bike Trail Loop

Tonight I decided to head over to the rec center and start my run from there. I headed out onto the bike trail near Kent State. It isn't very long and cuts off at some points, which gets annoying when you have to run on the edge of the road, but the mile and a half or so in the woods is pretty nice. Below I got a picture of a rabbit that was off the trail a little bit. Last time, I saw a deer staring at me not too far away.

I ended up doing a big loop around campus, eventually heading up the steep hill to the business building and back to the rec. The hill is a pretty good workout in itself and would be a great place for hill repeats. I always push it up the hill and try to impress the people driving past since there's a busy intersection at the base of it.

I noticed my time was only at 33 minutes when I got back to the rec, so I continued on to repeat part of the bike trail I did in the beginning. I have a few runs that I have marked out online on a map, but for the most part I just got by time and how fast I think I'm going to figure out distance.

It was starting to get pretty dark out when I got back to the rec, even at 6:00. Now for the fun part of the run, which has become a tradition after alot of my runs up here at school: the hot tub! Kent has a really nice rec center and it was rated one of the top in the country. It feels like a vacation resort and is a really good way to end a run. You can buy a day pass for $8 (which is a little pricey) but if you go on a weekend and make a day of it, it could be worth a visit. Below is a video of some of the highlights of the rec center.


Beer Man said...

You forgot to mention the best part of the Rec Center...

$8 to hang out with CO-EDs. In my world that is a great deal.

Jeff said...

haha I was waiting for someone to bring that up. It's a great incentive to run on a treadmill, really makes the time go faster!

Who is this by the way?