Wednesday, January 30, 2008

42 Laps

It was way too cold to run out and the windchill was around -6, so where to go? The rec of course. Whenever I end up running there I usually only do 4 miles because of the boredom running around the track or on the treadmill. Well, tonight I wasn't sure how far I would go but I did want to get some decent mileage in.

I got on the indoor track, which is about 228 meters (7 laps = a mile) and started running. I figured the more I did on the track, the less I would have to do on the treadmill if I decided to hop on it. I got three miles done and thought, "Hey maybe I'll just go for 6 no matter how boring it is."

So, I kind of zoned out and just repeated the lap number I was on in my head for every lap around. I ended up finishing the 6 miles and was glad to be done! The winter sure requires alot of mental toughness to get workouts done whether it's outside or in. Afterwards, I did 3 sets of 10x20lbs curls for each arm and called it a day.


Mike said...

No doubt on the toughness of staying in the game through the winter. I have done a lot on the treadmills this winter so far, and when I get out on a "real" run, I am astounded at how much more I enjoy it. It makes me wonder how the hell I get through the treadmill workouts.

I found a great new trail right by my house, or I should say, I rediscovered it and plan on running it a bunch this year. It is about a mile away, and not too long, I have to map it, but I will just go down in the woods by the river and hold my own little ultras. I can set up a table or backpack with stuff and just run around and around.....treadmill in the woods.

Jeff said...

Sounds like a plan haha...and you'll always win the ultra no matter how fast you go!