Saturday, December 22, 2007

West Branch Run

Panoramic picture of lake

Today my brother and I decided to run at West Branch State Park. We went for an easy 5 mile run but screwed around alot, swinging on vines and throwing snowballs. The conditions were very sloppy, especially at the beginning part of the trail. I tried not to get my feet wet but then realized that was impossible. I thought for sure I was going to lose a toe after stepping in the frigid puddles, but soon my feet warmed up as we ran. Out on the trail we stopped to talk to a couple of CAMBA members who were marking a new trail along a meandering stream. It looked pretty cool! The many trails and bridges they make are fun to run on and allow for a different run each time.

Below is a video of me hitting a stop sign really far away with a snowball. I was pretty pumped hitting it on the first try.

Here's a cool pic of the sunset at my house later after the run:

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