Thursday, December 20, 2007

Riverwalk Run

Tonight I ran for the second time since the URINEO 50K. I went 4 miles yesterday just around the neighborhood and my leg got a little tight during the run. Today I decided to run to City Hall in Warren and around Perkins Park on the Riverwalk loop.

The footing wasn't too bad except for the footbridge that connects our neighborhood and Packard Park. It was covered in ice. I felt pretty recovered from the ultra and probably ran around a 7:30 pace. As I ran down the sidewalk in front of Packard Music Hall, I got the begeezus scared out of me. I had almost stepped on a dead cat that must have gotten hit by a car!

I continued down to City Hall and ran the Riverwalk loop. It is exactly 2 miles long if you start from the telephone pole at the bottom of the hill at the Perkins Park entrance. The mile-mark halfway through is still there from when we ran it in high school. The part under the Summit St. bridge was flooded from the melted snow so I went around off the path.

I stopped at the YMCA to use the restroom and, as I was going up the steps, this black guy said "Man, you must love running!" Haha, this made me feel good that someone appreciated that I was running outside in the cold.


Kim said...

It's nice to have someone recognize your crazy commitent to running! Hope to see you again soon out on the trails!

Anonymous said...

Dude...awesome to see you write! And you are a natural writer! I will be adding another blog to my "check every day" list.

Are you running Winter Buckeye 50k?

I am home next week between Christmas and New Years if you and Brian want to run.

Jeff said...

I'm not running the Buckeye 50k...Didn't feel like shelling out more money.

Brian and me are running at West Branch the day after Christmas. You're welcome to come. Look at the forum for more info.